True devotion to the bounty that nature has provided

We want to let the world know about the uniqueness of quality natural fibers. We carefully select all our partners, who must be in line with our vision and our global ethics. All of our ideas are born from these foundations.

Our desire is to always discover new horizons and add an ethical factor to our ancient profession. In our laboratory, we are all part of a big family. We respect and train the knitters, meanwhile trying to inspire innovation.

We have worked with love and dedication from generation to generation in an effort to constantly improve all of our products.

All of our values ​​have very ancient origins

Our values are rooted in history.

During the classical period, there was only one term to define craftsmanship and art in general. We are deeply connected with a time far away from us, but which in a certain sense has always belonged to us and has always guided us in the right direction to follow.

This concept was handed down from family to family until the time known as the Renaissance - a concept that we can find in the works of the greatest artists. Only from the beginning of the 1700s, when the era of the Enlightenment took place, was craftsmanship divided from art.

We are strongly convinced that art and craftsmanship are a unique and indissoluble things since it is only with the application of the artistic skills of our knitters that it is possible to create unique artisan pieces. For this reason, we have a deep respect for all of our origins.

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