Who we are

“And between all the arts, ……., it was the art of woo, which, to be powerful , and to be the first, for importance, with his work, most of the populace and common people it fed and it feeds .”

Niccolò Machiavelli

The idea to make handmade unique pieces of wool sweaters originates in the history of our family, the history and culture of the Italian textile wool. In Florence the art of “wool making” was one of the cornerstones of the economy of the Florentine Renaissance during the Medici period, it is from here that the idea to create each piece by hand, to make it unique and exclusive in the world.

The first association of the Wool Guild dates back to 1317; soon it became one of the most powerful corporations in the city of Florence and certainly one that had the largest number of workers, about a third of the population of.


love for work and centuries of tradition give life to a unique product

For us passion is weaving woolens with the threads of the heart. A Licia Luchini handmade sweater is warm made of fine wools and because of centuries of history, passion and tradition.


environmental impact attention

The company Licia Luchini strongly believes in protecting the environment. Care for Earth is an ancient and virtuous value. For this reason we use only totally natural wool, renewable and biodegradable. Once discharged, it decomposes slowly releasing nutrients to earth.


the passion of all the knitters is the energy of the company

The company has a profound respect for the environment. That's why all the products are handmade by professionals and without the use of machinery. The passion of all the knitters is the energy of the company!


made in italy: high quality and craftsmanship

Each product is handmade with fine wools and it is a highest quality product. Each sweater is designed and created by master craftsmen, with great attention to details, to ensure an excellent product entirely Made in Italy.

Our precious wools

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”


Pablo Picasso